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About Us

RetailX Events are the in-person gatherings for senior retail professionals to stay abreast of the latest industry trends supplied by our pioneering research division, RetailX.

For more than twenty years, RetailX has stood as a steadfast and esteemed market resource for retailers, providing an extensive array of valuable assets: data, analysis, exhaustive research, interviews, and comprehensive reports spanning sectors, countries, marketplaces, sustainability, and rankings. Our repository proudly houses the UK Top 500 multichannel retailers, Europe Top 1000, and the Global Elite Top 1000.

In perfect alignment with the latest updates from retail via  ChannelX and Internet Retailing, we use our unparalleled expertise to deliver meticulously crafted event programs and trusted insights from the sharpest minds in the retail industry.

The inception of RetailX traces back to 2004 when Mark Pigou introduced the pioneering high-level B2B conference on ecommerce to the UK. This inaugural event garnered both admiration and constructive critique from Ian Jindal, giving rise to an unyielding partnership fuelled by the shared belief that improvement was attainable. Collaborating with SJP Business Media, they gave life to Europe’s first specialized B2B website and print magazine for multichannel and ecommerce retailers: InternetRetailing.

RetailX is the continuation of the journey. The multichannel retail sector is highly sophisticated, rapidly expanding and continuously evolving. It is collegiate yet highly competitive; ruthlessly optimising yet perennially in beta; commercially driven yet experimental and generous.

To survive, conquer and indeed prosper, the professional retailers and suppliers in our sector need competitor perspectives, performance data and insightful analysis. RetailX’s mission is to provide the data, analysis and insights to build successful and profitable businesses.