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SubscriptionX II

October 9, 2024
ETC Venues – 155 Bishopsgate, London

The Executive Brief, brings together 40 like-minded subscription leaders, from across sectors, representing a wide range of job functions, who want to be kept abreast of trends and analysis in the industry with a 6 month update following the conclusion of the main SubscriptionX conference in May. The event will run in roundtable, panel and working group format to differentiate takeaways from May’s instalment.

Make connections in a peer to peer setting in person and problem solve in working groups. Held under Chatham House Rules to encourage openness, this is the perfect opportunity to experience a closed-door setting to advance best practice in recurring revenue. 

An update will be announced following the findings and conclusion of SubscriptionX, on the key themes to be discussed at The Executive Brief.

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