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Retail X Autumn Festival

October 9, 2024
ETC Venues – 155 Bishopsgate, London

In today’s fast-paced retail industry, time is of the essence. Retail professionals are constantly on the move, navigating the landscape of consumer behaviour, digital marketing, growth channels and sustainability. It’s a relentless journey that demands innovation, collaboration, and performance.

Press pause for the day and join us at the RetailX Events Autumn Festival 9th October in London for the ultimate gathering of the retail industry’s brightest minds and most influential figures meeting under one roof. Combining four events in one venue, ChannelX, SubscriptionsX II, Retail MediaX II and ConsumerX II, we have tailored the day for time-squeezed industry professionals to supercharge their retail journey.

For over two decades RetailX has been a valued market resource for retailers, offering a wealth of data, analysis, comprehensive research, interviews and reports and news from our media channels Internet RetailingChannelX and DeliveryX.

Join us at the RetailX Events Autumn Festival to explore, learn and connect.

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