Catalina stands at the forefront of in-store activation, a field where we have innovated for 40 years by delivering meaningful value to shoppers, while helping hundreds of the world’s retailers and thousands of brands drive incremental growth in key categories and shopper segments, expand baskets and build loyalty.

Our in-store technologies, including advanced colour printers and innovative print-on-receipt capabilities, consistently deliver measurable increases in retail sales and customer engagement for our partners. These solutions have been pivotal in consistently driving 1-2% of total sales for our retail partners.

In fact, our expertise extends beyond our renowned printed coupon solutions. We are a dynamic, global leader in retail marketing, adept in various channels including digital, TV, and data services. Catalina’s Omnichannel Managed Media portfolio includes full-funnel marketing solutions that craft highly targeted custom audiences; deliver precisely personalised messages across in-store and online, optimise campaigns inflight and provide closed-loop measurement.

We continuously invest in machine learning and AI enhancements to our personalisation technology to enhance campaign performance, while ensuring the protection of each shopper’s right to privacy. Our commitment is to uphold the highest standards of data protection and governance, information security and compliance, ethics, and industry certifications.

At the core of our proposition for Sainsbury’s is our world-leading, cloud-based Catalina Marketing Platform (CMP), the driving force behind our in-store activation solutions, providing unparalleled speed, flexibility, and accuracy in delivering tailored customer engagements, including personalised ads, offers, incentives and reminders that engage shoppers. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your in-store and online operations, ensuring minimal disruption while maximising impact.

Our customer first philosophy is at the heart of our strategy, and our flexible, scalable approach provides options to explore our wider range of global marketing solutions as your business requirements evolve.