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Joe Mountain

I’m Joseph Mountain, currently focused on integrating sustainability into the heart of N Brown Group’s operations. My journey in this role started in 2022, and by 2023, I found myself leading our sustainability initiatives, a challenge I embrace daily with the goal of making a tangible impact. My work led to our team being recognized at the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023 for our innovative use of technology in sustainability.

Before this, my career path took me through various roles in fabric development and design across different countries, experiences that deeply influenced my perspective on the environmental impacts of fashion. These insights inspired me to pursue further education with an MSc in textile innovation and sustainability, solidifying my commitment to this cause.

In 2021, I launched the Future Fashion Fair in Manchester, aiming to spotlight sustainable brands and educate consumers about more responsible fashion choices. This event is a personal highlight, reflecting my belief in the power of community and collective action for a more sustainable future.

At N Brown Group, I strive to embed sustainability into every aspect of our business, from design to delivery. While the journey is challenging, it’s incredibly rewarding to see the positive changes we’re making, one step at a time.