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James Hayes

James Hayes

James was among the top 50 influencers in e-commerce and shipping, recently published by Scurri. James is a former founder of a parcel delivery business called Parcel Station, exiting that role in 2018 to support and drive growth and improvement at Whistl.

As Director of Business Development at Whistl Fulfilment, a leading provider of e-commerce, fulfilment and supply chain solutions, James understands eCommerce logistics and technology. James has extensive experience in supply chain solutions and product concepts for commercial and technical audiences.

Because product delivery is often the first time your customers see your product, it is worthwhile that the experience is positive! James has a particular interest in improving customer experience with final-mile delivery.

You’ll often hear James on podcasts and webinars or in person at events speaking passionately about how you can scale using fulfilment and delivery as a method of business growth.