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Federica Watson

Frederica Watson

I studied Law at University but was always obsessed with beauty and fashion. I spent the first five years of my career growing the eCommerce function for a luxury handbag brand from the ground up. Being a part of a small team in the early stages meant I had insight and input into all areas of the business. This journey in a fast-growing business, taking the team of four to twelve, grew my passion for full-funnel DTC strategy. I was then brought into a luxury skincare brand to grow the DTC function. Building out the team structure, creating processes and focusing on scaling profitably. The team went from working in silos and with no overarching strategy to understanding the full funnel. This then led to my current Head of eCommerce role. I wanted to work with a mass-appeal, more affordable product range. My detailed approach to managing a P&L and my experience with margin innovation have allowed me to thrive in an omni-channel business model with tighter margins. I re-branded and re-platformed the website, profitably scaled acquisition, and grew the DTC function from 12% to 25% of the overall business. As a seasoned professional in eCommerce, I firmly advocate for a holistic approach that encompasses the entire customer journey – from the initial discovery phase and the pivotal first click, facilitated by my expertise in digital marketing and social media strategies, to the seamless shopping experience on the website, culminating in strategies for retention and fostering loyalty. In an era where siloed operations are increasingly outdated, I am committed to leveraging my comprehensive understanding of the full funnel to drive sustained, profitable growth.