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Fred Lill

Trusted by the world’s largest internet retailers, Fred explains how paperboard typically represents 6-10% of their
total carbon footprint, encouraging the easiest way to slash total footprint upto 10% is by choosing Carbon
Neutral packaging. Lil came 2 nd at the 2023 Environmental Packaging ‘sustainability champions award.’
Fred has lead the company to become the first & only Zero Carbon packaging factory with its all-renewable-electric
manufacturing HQ in Cambridge & offsets their entire scope3. They’re proudly Europe’s largest independent
manufacturer of ecommerce packaging, producing peel & seal packaging 40% faster than any other, on a mission to
eradicate plastics from ecommerce.

Famed inventions include:
Lil envelope (invented for Amazon), Lil Breezebox (paper voidfill integrated box eradicating need for plastic
bubblewrap/polystyrene), Lil kraft bag (paper alternative to polythene mailbags), Lil ‘M’ mailer (price-matched
paper alternative to Jiffy bubble mailers) and Lil tube (flatpacked, plastic-free, price-matched alternative to round
tubes. Eradicates plastic bungs.)