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DigitalX 2024

May 14, 2024
ETC Venues – 133 Hounsditch, London

Join DigitalX to become a next-generation D2C retail executive and marketer. Learn how to navigate the digitally-powered store to meet the digitally-empowered consumer.  Understand the landscape of AI-powered technology and how to improve overall marketing performance. Discover the right digital channels to better reach your customer.

As we witness the transformative role of Generative AI, we recognize that this is only the beginning. The discussions will not only help to gain a footing in new marketing trends and innovations, but to understand how to apply those insights within your business. 

Maximise the potential of your marketing funnel, and boost acquisition and retention rates with the unique knowledge gained at this event. Gain an in-depth understanding of digital marketing performance, AI, ML, retail media and ecommerce marketing. Enabling intelligent marketers, to market more effectively.

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