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ConsumerX 2024

May 14, 2024
ETC Venues – 133 Houndsditch, London

RetailX presents ConsumerX, a groundbreaking opportunity for senior retail executives to gain deep insights into the behaviour of your ‘next customer.’ Using pioneering research, we delve deeply into next-generation priorities, attitudes, and personas, to understand the consumer’ mindset – now and in the future. 

After years of integrating consumer data, surveys, and cutting-edge research, the ConsumerX App will be unveiled for the first time at the event. The app provides unique information, key data, and comprehensive graphs on everything from consumer attitudes to differences across age groups or countries, all centred on the multi-channel European customer. 

This exclusive first look into the ConsumerX app will follow with a series of working group sessions, roundtables, and onstage consumer debates, to offer a truly valuable perspective through the consumer lens. Attendees will leave this half-day event being able to make strategic decisions based on facts, rather than perceived customer perceptions.

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